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2018 FALL REC Volunteers
if you completed the Volunteer registration process and your name is not below,
be sure you have met all pre-requisites listed under the Parents/Volunteers Requirements page,
particularly renewing your NYSCA membership which must be good until november of this year.

To register: Click on Register NOW in right column on home page or Register Online on home page left tabs, select Volunteers, select REC Fall 2018, log in, accept first page, click on eligible button next to volunteer name and begin registration.

as August 17, 2018


Volunteers4WebREC 36
Last Name First Name Comm CoachGd1 CoachGd2 CoachGd3
Boyd Peter   1B 1B  
Calabro Lisa Checked KB 7/8B  
Carpi Valerio   1G    
Cochran Jeremy   5/6G    
Dearborn Christopher   5/6G    
Delorier Chris   KG    
Divino Estevao   5/6B    
Elfstrum Paal   1G    
Feldman Todd   KB    
Felleman Colin   KG    
Fitzgerald Kevin   1B    
Good Kristen   KG    
Gray Kevin   3/4G    
Heiser Matthew   1B    
Ibanez Eduardo   1G    
Katz Dan   1B    
Kelsey Steven   1G    
Klein Gentry   KB KB  
Lewis Timothy   5/6B    
Little Jason   KB    
Loretto Stefano   3/4G    
Lyon Camilo   1B    
Mergenthaler Karl   3/4G    
Miles Morgan   2B    
Minnich Rick   3/4G 1G  
Morris John   1G    
Oren Tal   5/6B    
Pallai Matthew   KG    
Patel Keyur   7/8B    
Robinson Kevin   1G    
Schwartz David   1G    
Shurman Lars   KG    
Swensson Michael   1G    
Veloso Victor   KB    
Whee Timothy   1B    
Zuckerman Jeffrey   2B